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In the last couple of years, it had petered out that there is no place of compromise regarding the ingredients. One can not expect delicious and healty result from inferior elements. We fortunately found several farmer and producer who can provide us good quality goods. We believe in local products. We try to buy everything from local farmers like the famous Vanilla from Baja, or the famous Cocoa beans of the Vonyarcvashegy region.:)

It is  serious challange to find better walnut than the Dióliget sells. There product is totally organic with high oil content. It has silky and smooth taste.

We buy the almond from the Lake Balaton. We have tested, tried it from many sources, but we could not find better. The local micro climate and the soil makes the almond so good that it unique. we realized that we have become emotionally fixated on the almond which is harvested there.

Surprise-surprise, the best hazelnut also comes from the Lake Balaton. We tried many species from different places, but the best hazelnut is harvested at Balatonboglár.

Fortunatelly, we know some bees who collect the honey for us in Nógrád county, so we do not have to worry about it.

After a lots of tests and experiments the fluor of the Szabó Mill proved to be the best. This brand gave us the tastiest result.