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About us

It started in 2011,

when we planted an orchard with 36 trees. We were hoping that one day the fruit will be used in our own artisan workshop. We planned to make jams and fillings from it for shortbreads and biscuits. So we had a plan. But so many questions arose in those days. How will we finance it? Where should we start the business? As the orchard started to bear fruit, our mind was finally set up to start the business. We started to think about it more seriously, and with small steps we reached the point of no return.


Baking for me was born a hobby, but when it grew up, it became a passion…

I was an Erasmus student in France, where I realized that the supply of the little Pâtisseries amazed me much more than my legal studies. The techniques and the procedures interested me so much that as a maniac I dug deep into the art of creating French delights. I was soon acquainted with French classics such as financier, macaron, tarte au citron, or the mille feuille.

I had learned a lot about ingredients, techniques, but the main lesson was that there is no compromise in quality. For the best quality you need to use the best ingredients.

I knew that at some point in my life baking will be more than a hobby for me, finally I can say that we have arrived there.

Miklós plants trees, creates value…

Although he is not a real fan of baking – he loves to create real and edible things. He is the engine of our workshop. He manages, calculates and arranges the company related things. He equipped our workshop and created our homepage. During the product development he was both constructive and critical.

He takes care of our orchard. He has read every single post and related book about fruit trees in order to keep them in a good shape and provide us with a nice  yield.

His other passion is fermentation. I get scared when he enthusiastically talks about fermented meat dug in the ground. If I do not pay enough attention, our company will add products like cider, apple vinegar kimchi and souerkraut.


Together we the Mendula team.

Most of our products are developed by us. Baking, tasting, changing the ingredients and starting the whole process all over again. A pretty long, profound and well documented procedure preludes the launch of every product.

Beside the sweet delights, we also produce salty snacks which are perfect chasers for wine or beer. It is always good to have some packages of our cookies at home, just to avoid emergencies, like the situations when you really need something delicious.

In our portfolio you can find cakes, cookies, shortbreads and snacks for every occasion from small birthdays to huge weddings. If you want really delicious, modern homemade specialities do not hesitate to contact us.

Whatever you wish,  we will make it.

We dreamed it, we baked it and  we’ll give it to you.