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We baked this out!

What happens if an economist’s and a lawyer’s paths cross? Do they start an investment management and legal advisory company? No! We, the founders of Mendula found a much better goal. We wanted to create real value, which provides instant happiness, made of the highest quality ingredients and based on our recipes. All this is combined with our enthusiasm and creativity to give something to our customers that is worth remembering.

We dreamed it, we baked it, we'll give it to you!
If you become a pastry chef with your diploma in your pocket,
If reading the posts of pastry shops and bakeries is a daily routine and you eagerly read their success stories,
If finding or developing a perfect recipe gives you immense happiness,
If your family and friends are continuously trying to convince you to open a pastry shop,
If you want to create real value to cheer people up through your products,
… you have no choice but to open your own pastry workshop. This is exactly what we did.